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Pictures of Cores and Good News about Ram! (Also help us protect religious liberties for college ministries)


Pictured above are two of our core groups at UTA. The first one is led by Ben and Ben and I'm told that their guys love going to arby's together after core most weeks. And the bottom is led by Ian and Taylor. I have recently been so encouraged by our mens ministry. Our guys genuinely seem to be growing in their maturity, their love for God, their willingness to participate in evangelism, and their care for one another. Sometimes it can be hard in the fall to identify all the good that God is doing through this ministry, but he always makes it clear in the spring. These are friendships, centered around Jesus, that are likely to last a lifetime. Thank you for providing a place for young men like this to know God more and to experience transformative community.

If you didn't read last months blog please do so! It's all about my friend Ram who came from India as a hindu but after experiencing visons of Jesus in his dreams he came to believe in Christ and was baptized in our church. Ram had to return to India on tuesday but he has told me that he arrived safely in Pune and even though he has been disowned by his family, he has been accepted and welcomed by a Christian church in Pune where I believe God will provide him a new family. Ram now has an instagram and if you want to watch his baptism or follow up with him you can do so here.

And lastly, can I ask for your help?
The U.S Government is planning on making changes to language in the department of education that currently provides legal protection for college ministries. They want to remove this language, claiming that the 1st amendment is sufficient enough to provide college ministries the legal protection they need. But I'm not so sure that's the case. The removal of this language is bound to lead to universities being able to impede college ministry activity. We are asking our ministry partners that share this concern to make their thoughts heard by adding comments to the department of educations open response forum. If we can get enough responses, it's possible that they will reconsider. If you would like more information you can find it here.

As always, don't forget to check out this months student testimony. Thank you for your partnership in ministry at UTA!


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