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Summer FOCUS and Student Institute of Campus Ministry

 It's summer time, but God is still at work, and ministry is still in full swing! Pictured above is our Summer Thursday Night Fellowship, all of the students who are still living in DFW get together in one location to worship God, learn more about his word, and spend tine with friends. This summer we are going over our one on one bible study topics, but covering the heart behind the reason for covering those topics. So far we've talked about God's word and why having scripture on our hearts is so critical to bringing life to people around us. We also talked about Jesus, and why knowing him is so central to understanding who God is, and who we were made to be. In the weeks to come we will talk about community, discipleship, sin, grace, and several other topics! Our students will then go and cover these topics with their peers as they engage in one on one bible studies with people they meet in their classes in the fall. So exciting. About 100 college students just got back fr