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End of Year Formal (Video of Worship)

 Hello friends and loved ones, I'm thankful to all of you for your partnership in ministry. Last night we got to have our End of Year Formal. It was a time of reflecting on all that God had done in our community in the last year and sharing in a genuine love for one another. Here are some pics with the guys that I've spent the most time with this year. Jacob and Caleb are the two guys at the top. I got to study the bible with both of them one on one. But they're roommates and I got to watch how God impacted their whole house as they both grew in their relationship with God. Jacob and Nick are below them. They're our two leaders at TCC SE. I'm so thankful for their faithfulness at the community college. I know God will continue to use them to help build that campus up. Ben and Ben below are two of the most incredible young men you'll ever meet. It's unquestionable to me that they're both headed for key leadership positions wherever they land post college,