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Family and Support Raising Update!

  In case you haven't yet heard. Hayli is pregnant, and we are having a girl! I just found out the news of the gender yesterday and I'm incredibly excited. Sure, there's some nerves. But I know God is going to help us all along the way, and I'm excited for the gift of a daughter that I get to love and to raise up to know the Lord. As a side note, I reread Luke 1-3 this morning. Lots of angels telling soon to be parents not to be afraid, and that they are blessed, and that their children will turn out just fine. Lol my baby won't be Jesus, but comforting words all the same! Another member of my family Caleb. Caleb is my 19 year old cousin and he made the decision to follow Jesus just a few months ago. Then this week he came to join us at our Summer TNF. It warmed my heart seeing him scan the QR code to "get more connected". I asked Caleb if he would have any interest in reading the bible together regularly over the summer and he said yes! We will meet tomor