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Thankfulness and Excitement

The month of July has been in large part a reminder of God's provision which has continued to develop in me an even further ingrained thankfulness and appreciation for the ways that God blesses us daily and for the people that he has used in my life to bring those blessings about.  Many of you are the stewards and administer of those blessings. I'm happy to report that as of currently I have reached 90 percent of my support raising goal for the year and that's simply because of you and the ways that God has opened your hearts to be a people of generosity. I have been incredibly blown away by not only the willingness that each of you have shown in contributing to my financial needs, but also by your shared excitement in what God is doing on these college campuses. The conversations that I have gotten to have with each of you this month have been in large part one of the main reasons that I have been so recently encouraged. Thank you for your gift. It really means the world t