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One Of The Best Years

 As I think back on this last year of campus ministry I am so grateful to God for this year of revival and refreshment. I've had some of the most encouraging conversations with students, in which I got to see them make serious turning point decisions for Jesus. And as a community at large, FOCUS at UTA has slowly moved from health to deeper levels of health and spiritual maturity. Please allow me to give some examples! This is most of our men's leader team this year. From left to right, myself, Vincent, Graham, Ian, Josh, Colton, Hart, Luke, Ben, Crew, and Rhett. Not pictured is Mauricio. These are the guys that I had the genuine pleasure of spending time with every week. Even though there were weeks where we had tough conversations about improper use of humor, arrogance, immorality, or shallow relationships, over the course of the year God revealed to me just how open these guys were to hearing wisdom from His word and were willing to change how they live and act in order to l