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Reason For The Season

Hello Everyone! This December moved by quickly! Between Finals and students going home for the holiday's we had much less student interaction than usual, but despite all of that, it was still an incredible month full of personal growth and the excitement of being able to see God continue to do great things on this campus! From top left to bottom right: Interns- Danni Howard, Krysten Williams, JD Pearson, Nicki Escutia, Albert Rodriguez, Katelyn Hoffman, April Ashton and Victoria Milian preaching their sermons. The Interns Give Their Sermons Over "This Is My Gospel" This month the Interns were given an assignment for one of our classes, Topics in Pastoring. The assignment was called "This Is My Gospel" and for it we were instructed to prepare a 20-30 minute sermon outlaying the way that the message of the Gospel has specifically impacted our lives and affected the way that we live today. Students told stories of overcoming obstacles that vary in a wide ra