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72 Hours of Prayer and Pizza Theology (Lots of Pictures)

 Wow, I get to tell you about two of my favorite events that we get to do with our students! After 3 years off due to COVID, 72 hours of prayer is back! Every year at UT Arlington all of the college ministries, FOCUS, BSM, Wesley, Cornerstone, Etc, Etc, all work together to set up a tent in the middle of campus and then we ask our students to come and pray for an hour each, for 72 hours straight, with an evening of worship every night for 3 days straight. Students pray for the persecuted, for their classmates, for their professors, for the nations, as well as any prayer requests that are given from people walking by. I'm so thankful that after 3 years off, we get to bring this event back. It's always a life changing experience for our students. It's a powerful testimony to christian untiy as it is a cooperative event, and I really believe that it is a world changing event as God answers our prayers. The above picture is our students getting together to read the book of Job,