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End of an Era (Tons of Pictures)

 The school year will officially be over in just a few weeks and with that comes the end of an era. Our leader team will be different next year, and several of our seniors are graduating but God has always been faithful to us and he always will be. Pictured above is our UTA Leader Team. I am so proud of each of them. After 2 years of a pandemic these students volunteered this year to befriend their peers and commit to making Jesus known on the college campus and I have loved getting to work alongside them. Every week these students led small group bible discussions with the people in their core, and studied the bible one on one with those same people, and met with campus pastors weekly to receive coaching, feedback, and encouragement. It is a large commitment to be a corefa. But God is so good to bring us these students who are not only willing, but who are excited to get to have the opportunity. So much of what God is able to do in our community is through these students who have step

God and The Bod (Pizza Theology and Easter Outreach)

 Hello Friends, Hope you all have a wonderful easter weekend! He is Risen! I wanted to share a few recent updates from ministry this last month.  My coworker Taylor Nelson and I setting up for Easter themed outreach. Every week this month our campus pastors have been doing outreach on campus and its been going really well. This week Taylor and I set up an egg dyeing table and invited students to join us and make their own. It was awesome to not just see the willingness of students to participate, but many of them stayed for 45 minutes or longer just to chat and talk about how life has been. We got to invite several of them to come check out FOCUS. Even though there is only a few weeks in the semester, its clear that students are still very hungry for friendships. Earlier this month we got to have our spring semester Pizza Theology, lovingly titled, God and the Bod. We had several hundred college students from all across DFW come and learn a biblical perspective on what God says about o

Spring Harvest

 Happy March everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the warmer days and brighter weather. Things in FOCUS have been great, and I'm so grateful to each of you for the investment you have made in the lives of these college students. Your gift really is making an impact. Left to Right: Tevon, Oduwa, Ben Left to Right: Jonathan, Logan, Harte, Grayson, Ryan I love getting to watch and play a part in the reproduction of leaders in the church. When one generation pours into and invests their time to share Jesus with the younger generation it is always so exciting to watch those younger leaders step up and decide that they want to teach their peers and those younger than them the same things. Some of our leaders up above are Tevon, Ben, Jonathan, and Grayson. I get to meet with these guys every week and talk about what it looks like to follow Jesus, depend on God, and disciple men. They in turn study the bible with the guys in their core group. And this year, because of God's activity

You Do Not Want To Miss Spring Showcase

 Spring Showcase is this Saturday and it's not too late for you to get your tickets! Why spring showcase? Every year we send students from across DFW to a ministry training conference called SICM or Student Institute of Campus Ministry. While there the students learn how to answer Jesus call on their life to make and mature disciples of Jesus, while they are on the college campus. Students become equipped to know and communicate the gospel, facilitate spiritual friendships, and lead meaningful bible studies. Every year the students who attend come back to their college campuses excited and ready to share Jesus with their peers. We think this opportunity is so valuable that we want to make sure that every student who wants to go has the opportunity to do so. That's why we do Spring Showcase What is Spring Showcase? Spring Showcase is a performing arts variety show that features top notch talents from across the metroplex. Singers, Musicians, and Comedy groups put on an amazing p

Hear The Praise

  Hello friends and family! What you are seeing above is 400 college students gathered together a few weeks ago for our annual winter camp. If you would like to watch a 20 second video clip of this scene and hear our students praise God together, you can do so by clicking here. God was so good to provide a space for these students to come and worship him. The weekend was incredibly encouraging as college students from all across DFW came together to make new friends, learn from an oxford professor on the reliability of the gospels, and just gather in praise. And as far as I've heard, there were no large covid outbreaks as a result. I hope that seeing that these young people are growing in their faith and giving their whole lives to Jesus encourages you today Same day, different students. The guy on the left is Saket, an international student who told me recently that for him coming to Focus is like coming to a place of peace. He says he has been a part

A Long Obedience In The Same Direction

 Hello Friends, I hope that you had a sweet and restful Christmas season with your family and loved ones, and that reflecting on Jesus and all that he is doing in the world made you hopeful for the year to come. I know it did for me! In case you didn't know, the title of the blog is actually a quote from Frederick Nietzsche. But a pastor who I have enjoyed reading the work of, Eugene Peterson, repurposed that quote to describe his summation of the Christian life and specifically the life of a pastor. And it has really been encouraging to me recently. As I think about all that I would like to be able to do for God, I realize that all he asks of me is simply to pick up my cross daily and follow him, a long obedience in the same direction.  But this task is not nothing. It is often painful and difficult, but it is also the only way to real life. But another thing I find beautiful about a long obedience in the same direction is that as a pastor friend of mine, Ronnie Worsham, always sa