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Sent Into The World

 Hello Friends, Can you believe that it's already August and that means that new students will be coming onto UTA's campus for the first time in just three weeks!!! For the last month we have been, with God's help, putting together our student leader team. These student leaders will be some of the first faces that incoming students will meet, as we will be there to help them move into their dorms and invite them into friendship and christ centered community. It is such an important decision to figure  out which students will make up our leader team each year. Their own personal walk with Jesus, or their own personal character will set the tone for the seriousness with which the students who look to them for leadership will follow Jesus themselves, or the character of which they will choose to imitate. And I'm so encouraged that God has brought to us such upstanding young men and women. Here are some pictures of just a few of our student leaders this year. Would you plea