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Visions of Jesus

 A few years ago we had a student named Saket. Saket was from India, a hindu, but because of the friendship he had experienced from Christians he was loosely involved in FOCUS, coming to Thursday Night Fellowship every once and a while and sometimes attending core. A few years later, after Saket has graduated, his brother Ram comes to visit him from India. But Saket has to work and Ram has nothing to do so Saket encourages Ram to go check out FOCUS because there would be nice people there. When Ram comes he is greeted warmly just as Saket said he would be, but then something amazing happens. Ram says, during worship, he felt God hug him. And from that night on, he began to have dreams of Jesus. This picture is perhaps too wide to see him clearly but that's Ram right there in the middle spending time with some of our students. In Ram's dreams, Jesus would appear to him and tell him that Ram was his, and that this is the place that he has him, and that this would be the place whe