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Spring Has Sprung

Hey everybody, it is really good to be writing to you again! I hope that this letter finds you well. If it hasn't let me  know and I'd be more than happy to be in prayer or offer help to you however I can :) Lord knows that you have been praying for me and have been an amazing help to my life. I once again want to start by just expressing my gratitude for your investment in my life and in this ministry and in what God is doing on this campus. It truly has been a deep encouragement and when I sit down to write this blog and am reminded of the generosity that you have shown me I am always dumbfounded by the grace of God that He would use me and support the mission I get to do here on this campus because of you. I pray that God continues to provide for you, that through His spirit you continue to grow in your knowledge of Him and understand how deeply He loves you and the rest of His people. That prayer is one I've been reflecting on recently, I'm delivering a serm