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Maverick Stampede; 40,000 Students

  Welcome to UT Arlington at night during Maverick Stampede! Hard to make it out from this picture but there is a sea of students all the way heading down to that stage in the back. 40,000 college students attend this campus and every single one of them loved by God. Every single one of them a possible friend to make and invite into Christian community. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be here to invite them in. Our student leaders did a great job meeting so many of these students! I want to start to share about one event that we were able to host and how God worked through it and then I'll talk to you about some of the resulting fruit of their labor. One of the events that we got to host this year is FOCUS Casino Night. Now depending on your Christian tradition and background, I know how that sounds. But, its completely free, students never spend a penny, but we get to hire some professional casino dealers come and put on an awesome night of fun and prizes, while our cor