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God and The Bod (Pizza Theology and Easter Outreach)

 Hello Friends, Hope you all have a wonderful easter weekend! He is Risen! I wanted to share a few recent updates from ministry this last month.  My coworker Taylor Nelson and I setting up for Easter themed outreach. Every week this month our campus pastors have been doing outreach on campus and its been going really well. This week Taylor and I set up an egg dyeing table and invited students to join us and make their own. It was awesome to not just see the willingness of students to participate, but many of them stayed for 45 minutes or longer just to chat and talk about how life has been. We got to invite several of them to come check out FOCUS. Even though there is only a few weeks in the semester, its clear that students are still very hungry for friendships. Earlier this month we got to have our spring semester Pizza Theology, lovingly titled, God and the Bod. We had several hundred college students from all across DFW come and learn a biblical perspective on what God says about o