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Bible Bootcamp, Bowling, and Baby Name

  Above is a picture of one of our Bible Bootcamp sessions. For a whole week students will come to one of two locations to read large chunks of scripture, on this particular evening we were reading the book of Acts. We had 3 students come together in Lewisville and about 6 more come to Richardson and they spent their whole Friday evening reading and discussing scripture. It was so encouraging for me to see these young people want to commit themselves to knowing God's word so much that instead of going to see a movie or do something else with their time they would get together with a college pastor like me to read God's word! From acts this time around I was struck by how the early church, where God's spirit was poured out, then functioned as the temple was supposed to function, with provision for the poor and widows! Several of the students were struck by the boldness of Paul and the other apostles in the face of persecution. Our church recently had a bowling night and seve