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WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS and Jesus Revolution

  Recently I got to watch the movie "Jesus Revolution" with our Focus staff and afterwards we had conversations about revivals, movements, and reaching young generations for Jesus. It was so neat to at the end of that day go and be a part of our summer focus and just see literally hundreds of college students, arms raised, ready to worship God and learn more about him. It may be too early to tell if the work that God is doing here will be as wide reaching as God's activity during the 1970's in California, but it's unmistakable to me that the same God is at work, and we have been praying that God's Spirit would move even more so here in DFW so that these students hearts would be so set on fire by God and the gospel would reach this generation in a similar or even greater way. How cool that our God has been working through young generations for a long long time. Thank you for partnering with us in this meaningful work.  Now for the big news! Hayli and I get to b