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Life To The Full

 Hello friends and loved ones, Thank you for reading this ministry update, I pray that it encourages you today! This year our theme as a ministry has been life to the full and every week we have been getting to talk to a room full of college students on the full life that Jesus has to offer them. Last night we did some open sharing and we had 30 minutes of students standing up and sharing their response to the question "What has Jesus done for you?" and its been so encouraging to hear feedback from our students on the life they feel like they have experienced because of God's activity in their life, often found or experienced through this community. Now we are going to be moving into heating up the value of evangelism and our call to share this life we have found with our peers and neighbors. Will you pray that our students continue to know the life that God has given to them and that they, being so full of his life, will want to bring that life to their families, and the