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Spring Harvest

 Happy March everyone! I hope that you are enjoying the warmer days and brighter weather. Things in FOCUS have been great, and I'm so grateful to each of you for the investment you have made in the lives of these college students. Your gift really is making an impact.

Left to Right: Tevon, Oduwa, Ben

Left to Right: Jonathan, Logan, Harte, Grayson, Ryan

I love getting to watch and play a part in the reproduction of leaders in the church. When one generation pours into and invests their time to share Jesus with the younger generation it is always so exciting to watch those younger leaders step up and decide that they want to teach their peers and those younger than them the same things.

Some of our leaders up above are Tevon, Ben, Jonathan, and Grayson. I get to meet with these guys every week and talk about what it looks like to follow Jesus, depend on God, and disciple men.
They in turn study the bible with the guys in their core group. And this year, because of God's activity through the life of these young leaders, Oduwa, Logan, and Harte are all considering stepping up as leaders in FOCUS next year. And Ryan, while not currently ready to lead, has been so profoundly impacted by the love and care he has been shown from those guys in his core and in the wider ministry. So thank you for your investment!

One way that we raise funds to send students who are interested in leadership to become equipped at the Student Institute of Campus Ministry, is to host Showcase! If you weren't able to go to showcase this year you can watch the performances here and make a donation if you feel so led.

You also get to watch me be an emcee and do my best announcer voice.
The whole purpose of the event is to help offset the cost of sending students to SICM so they can learn how to be effective missionaries for Jesus on their campus. On top of that great cause, it's also just a super fun show full of incredible talents, so check it out and make a gift if you have the time and means.

Below is the student testimony, thank you again for your generous gifts. God is at work and you're gifts are making a real kingdom impact. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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