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You Do Not Want To Miss Spring Showcase

 Spring Showcase is this Saturday and it's not too late for you to get your tickets!

Why spring showcase?
Every year we send students from across DFW to a ministry training conference called SICM or Student Institute of Campus Ministry. While there the students learn how to answer Jesus call on their life to make and mature disciples of Jesus, while they are on the college campus. Students become equipped to know and communicate the gospel, facilitate spiritual friendships, and lead meaningful bible studies. Every year the students who attend come back to their college campuses excited and ready to share Jesus with their peers. We think this opportunity is so valuable that we want to make sure that every student who wants to go has the opportunity to do so. That's why we do Spring Showcase

What is Spring Showcase?
Spring Showcase is a performing arts variety show that features top notch talents from across the metroplex. Singers, Musicians, and Comedy groups put on an amazing performance. So not only does the entire cost of the ticket go towards sending students to SICM, but you get to have an awesome Saturday filled with performances that will wow you, as well as an artisan market between shows. You don't want to miss it. Buy your tickets today.


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 Hello friends and partners in ministry, The summer is over! We are back into the full swing of things, and I got to tell you. God is good and I am so excited for what is to come in just the next few weeks of campus ministry. This last week we got to have our staff retreat in Bridgeport, Texas. The goal of staff retreat is to collectively as a team of ministers recenter ourselves on Jesus and his work in the world, reflect on why we do what we do, and spend time together relationally. Pictured below is our UTA Campus Missionary Team for 2021-2022.  From left to right we have Jalen, Graham, Myself, Bailey, Emily, Sophie, Taylor, Emily, and Sarah. Myself, Jalen, Taylor, Emily, and Sarah are our returning campus ministers, while Sophie, Graham, Emily, and Bailey are our apprentices for this school year. If you don't know what an apprentice is, these are recent graduates from the ministry who are either interested in vocational ministry long term or just want to spend a year learning a

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  Hello Friends and Ministry Partners, It's a joy to get to write to you all again!  While I'm sad we are moving into the Christmas break when a lot of our students go home. I'm so encouraged with the momentum we have going into January and how much I see God's goodness being revealed in the lives of each one of these students. Pictured above is most of our student leader team (3 unfortunately got cut off on the left side) for our last leader team meeting of the semester. Every week this group of students get together to encourage one another, share how God is working in the ministry, read the bible together, and learn leadership principles that will help them in their ministry and every other stage of their life as well. Beyond this each one of these students get mentored by one of our campus pastors in a more personal 2 on 1 context. So each week I get to meet with multiple pairs of these core facilitators to discuss how their core is going but also what is going on i