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Remembering the Mission

As any person with sight can see below, I'm not a great photographer. At least definitely not when it comes to selfies! But God is really good, and over the last month, I've been reminded more and more about how everything I get to do is for a specific mission that I believe God has called me and the rest of our campus pastors to. To make and mature disciples of Jesus on the college campus for the glory of God. Being reminded of this mission has reignited in me an excitement for the day in day out activities of ministry.

This poor quality picture is of a high-quality group of guys. This last week I got to go visit one of our core groups! This core group consists of from left to right, Charles, Taylor, Marcos, Travis, Alan, Thomas and Jessie. Every week these neat guys get together to catch up on each others lives, read scripture together, and have a discussion on how to live in a way that honors God in their daily lives. It was so encouraging to be there and watch them engage with one another. Not only was it clear that they had a genuine love for each other, but their engagement in the conversation communicated to me that these young guys also love learning how to live for Jesus. Discipleship is occurring at UT Arlington. Being there was also a great reminder that just 8 years ago, I joined one of these core groups for the first time as a student myself. My experience in that group was transformational as I had a place to ask spiritual questions and be shaped by other peers that were attempting to glorify God in their lives. It was so encouraging to see God still using the core model to help shape a new generation of men. Taylor and Thomas who facilitate this core do a great job, meeting with these guys one on one, and continuing discipleship through further sharing of lives and reading of scripture.

Joseph and Jeff are two other of our core facilitators. I get to meet with them every week and with God's help, I do my best to respond to their questions about ministry, and college, and family, and dating, and faith, and all sorts of different areas of life. I love meeting with them as I not only get to share God's word with them, but God also uses them as a weekly encouragement to me. These young men, along with the rest of our corefas commit 15 hours a week to making and maturing disciples of Jesus on the college campus, and they do a great job of it! I would certainly not be able to make a signifigant impact on the campus if it weren't for these guys, my brothers and partners in Christ. Thank you for investing in me, so I can invest in them, so that they can invest in others. Thank you for your partnership in the mission.

Below are some neat pictures from our annual fundraiser event Spring Showcase and below that as always is our student testimony from this month so be sure to check that out! We host spring showcase every year in order to send students from DFW to a ministry training conference in Bellingham, Washington called SICM or the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. This conference is so helpful to so many of our students as they learn not only the vision for making and maturing disciples in their lives, but also as they learn the practical skillsets of how to do that on the college campus. If you weren't able to attend this year I'd love for you to come to next year's show! It was an incredible evening of talented performers from across the metroplex.


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