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Winter Camp and Spring Showcase (You are Invited!)

We recently returned from our annual Winter Camp retreat at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas. Over 60 students from UT Arlington came with us to join the over 600 college students from across our FOCUS Campuses to join for one 4 day weekend of worship, games, sermons, and friendship!
It can be hard to explain just exactly what happens every year at winter camp. But every year students' lives are changed as they make decisions to follow Jesus, to commit to Christian community, and gain a vision to share the good news of the gospel with their friends, families, and peers. This year during the sermons we taught through many of the psalms, and students gained new perspectives on how we are able to worship God in whatever season of life we find ourselves. It is often this event that causes students to catch a vision of what God wants to do during the rest of their time in college. I have already gotten to have some great conversations with some of our young male leaders about how they were impacted by their time there, many of them reported that not only did the guys in their core grow closer together as friends but also that it helped them to connect with God in new ways and get excited about this upcoming semester.
Some of our goofy guys that came to winter camp. They love God and each other. They are all a daily encouragement to my heart and faith. Thank you for your investment in their lives. It's having a greater impact than you know.

We had our first Thursday Night Fellowship of the spring semester a couple of weeks ago at UT Arlington. There were several new faces and our student leaders did a great job welcoming them and getting to know them. It's always exciting to see who God brings into our little community. You never know which of those students are going to fall in love with Jesus and become disciples and future world changers.

Spring Showcase is coming up on February 29th and tickets for adults are only $20. Spring Showcase is our annual fundraiser for sending our students to SICM. When students go to SICM they catch a vision for making disciples of Jesus on the college campus and they learn practical skills of how to reach their campus! Spring Showcase is an evening of musical performances, singing, dancing, incredible musicianship, as well as other fun acts such as live improv. We have some of our most talented alumni performing for your entertainment. It's a great way to spend an evening and enjoy a date with your spouse or simply to come and support a great cause! You can buy tickets right now for either the matinee or evening show at Please let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to see you there! I know you'll be blessed by it.

Thank you so much for your investment in college ministry. God is using it to point lives towards him always. I can't thank you enough for that. Don't forget to read the student testimony below! Bailey is one of the really neat students at UT Arlington.


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